Geothermal Field Exploration



  • Geothermal sampling, Flores Island, Indonesia

  • Geothermal exploration, Sorik Marapi, Sumatra, Indonesia

  • Geothermal exploration, Efate Island, Vanuatu

  • Geothermal exploration, Grande Comore, Comoros Islands

  • Geothermal exploration, Mt Longonot, Kenya

  • Geothermal exploration, Reporoa geothermal resource, New Zealand

  • Geothermal exploration, Tokaanu geothermal resource, New Zealand


Resource Assessment



  • Geothermal prospect in Büyük Menderes Graben, Turkey

  • Zinc mine, Wrigley, Northwest Territories, Canada

  • Various prospective sites in Java and Sumatra, Indonesia

  • Karisimbi geothermal prospect, Rwanda

  • Stored heat assessments, Victoria and Queensland, Australia

  • Stored heat assessments, Nevada and California, USA

  • Evaluation of geothermal prospects, South Pacific Region

Due Diligence &  Technical Review



  • UNEP and ARGeo technical advisor for Kibiro, Uganda & Ngozi, Tanzania

  • Wayang Windu Geothermal Power Station, Indonesia

  • Lochinvar geothermal prospect, Zambia

  • Multiple geothermal prospects, Sumatra, Indonesia

  • Geothermal development, Suswa Volcano, Kenya

  • Technical review for Mita Geothermal System, Guatemala

  • Miscellaneous confidential clients and projects


Example Project Experience

Exploration project manager for comprehensive geothermal assessment, Mt Longonot, Kenya


Reviewed and interpreted existing reports, research theses, published papers, aerial photographs, topographic maps, and geologic maps of the project area.  Presented proposed exploration plan to Ministry of Energy in Nairobi.  Managed all on-site work including site reconnaissance, stakeholder meetings, landowner negotiations, security, logistics, and the following field surveys:


  • Geological fieldwork including mapping and verification of surface features (alteration, structures and thermal activity) and collection of rock samples for XRD analysis

  • Geochemical survey including collection of gas and condensate samples from fumaroles and completion of a soil CO2 gas flux survey

  • Geophysical surveys including completion of gravity, magnetic and MT surveys


Evaluated historic and new field data and prepared a conceptual model of the resource.  Assessed energy potential.  Prepared specifications for access roads and water supply requirements.  Prepared recommendations for specific well targets and specifications.  Presented and defended exploration results at the peer review meeting.  Prepared Final Resource Assessment and Well Targeting Reports.

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