Site reconnaissance



  • Desktop review and background research

  • Evaluation of aerial photos and DEM data

  • Lineament and fracture trace analysis

  • Initial site reconnaissance including field assessment and logistics planning

  • Health and safety risk evaluation

  • Evaluation of access and water supply options

  • Coordination with local stakeholders and government officials

  • Landowner negotiation

  • Collection of aerial imagery with UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle)

  • Preparation of DSMs or DEMs (digital surface or elevation models)

Geothermal exploration



  • Preparation of field health & safety and exploration programs

  • Field sampling (water/gas/condensate) from fumaroles and hot springs

  • Helium isotope sampling

  • Field testing of chloride, pH, conductivity

  • Chemical characterization of surface features

  • Identifying and mapping areas of hydrothermal alteration

  • Geologic and hydrogeologic field surveys

  • Rock sampling for thin section, XRD, and fluid inclusion analysis

  • Soil CO2 gas flux surveys

  • Heat flow surveys

  • Coordination of geophysical surveys (MT, gravity, magnetics)

  • Management of exploration programs in developing countries

Resource Assessment



  • Geochemical analysis and interpretation

  • Integration of geologic, geochemical, and geophysical data

  • Characterization of geothermal resource potential

  • Conceptual modeling

  • Deterministic and probabilistic stored heat assessments

  • Evaluation of the estimated capacity of inferred geothermal resources

  • Preparation of geothermal resource assessments in accordance with the Australian Geothermal Reporting Code

  • Pre-feasibility studies

  • Well targeting

  • Geological prognosis reports for exploration drilling

Due diligence & technical review



  • Due diligence assessments of geothermal resources and existing facilities

  • Review of multi-disciplinary geoscientific reports and conceptual models

  • Evaluation of resource size and long-term sustainability

  • Site inspections

  • Verification of thermal features

  • Development of screening criteria to identify and rank prospects

  • Peer review

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